PANAMA, March 2012

From March 15 to March 23, 2012, Nancy and I went on a birding trip to Panama with Simon Thompson and Ventures Birding. On this trip we lodge on two facilities; Canopy Tower from March 15-18, and Canopy Lodge from March 19-23.

Wonderful adventure, great accommodations, and great birding. Plus we traveled with the some of the nicest people.

The first three nights were accommodations at Canopy Towers. The most bizarre place you could imagine, but the most perfect place for birding. The Canopy Towers was an abandoned  US Military radar facility. It's now a lodge for birding. First floor is a small gift shop and office, second floor are "suites" (i.e., private bathrooms), third floor are rooms with shared bathrooms, and fourth floor is the eating area. Above the fourth floor is the coups de grace; a 360 degree veranda at canopy level. Rooms were fine (-2 on the Michelin scale) and the food was fine.

From the Canopy Towers' veranda were seen Toucans, Aricari, Cuckoos, and numerous examples of the usual neotropical suspects.

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